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Cancer Treatment Tips

Cancer Treatment Tips

Cancer Treatment Tips - Stage 3 breast cancer is a condition when the cancer cells in the breast have spread to the lymph nodes that are around the armpit. This condition is hazardous, and usually, lumps that grow in the breast area are more than 5 centimetres (cm) in size.

The stage of breast cancer is done to determine the extent to which cancer develops and spreads. An Overcoming breast cancer, a combination of more than one type of treatment is needed. For example, chemotherapy carried out to reduce a tumour is applied before the surgical procedure performed.

Division of Breast Cancer Stadium

To find out the extent to which cancer cells have spread, the doctor will conduct a series of examinations. There are some procedures that doctors can do, including blood tests, physical exams, breast scans using mammography, ultrasound, CT scans, MRI, or PET scans, to get a more detailed description of breast conditions.

Stage 3 breast cancer subdivided into 3A, 3B, and 3C. Stage 3A categories indicate tumour size of more than 5 cm and have spread to one to three lymph nodes. Then, stage 3B means the spread of cancer cells is more widespread, not only in the surrounding lymph nodes or under the armpit, but also in the skin tissue and chest muscles around the breast.

Stage 3C breast cancer is characterised by tumours that have spread to 10 lymph nodes or more under the armpit and spread to lymph nodes around the neck or inside the breast. When cancer has entered this phase, treatment must give as soon as possible. Aims to prevent the spread of cancer cells that are increasingly widespread.

Choice of Stage 3 Breast Cancer Treatment

Treatment measures for stage 3 breast cancer are not much different from stage 2. Several options for stage 3 cancer treatment include:
  • Chemotherapy

    Cancer Treatment Tips - If a large tumour accompanies the disease, the doctor may recommend chemotherapy. Besides being the primary treatment, chemotherapy can combine before and after surgery. Chemotherapy can be a pill, a liquid that is taken or injected into a blood vessel.
  • Lumpectomy or mastectomy

    There are two possible operations. First, lumpectomy surgery in stage 3 breast cancer to remove tumours and tissues around breast tumours. Secondly, a mastectomy that will lift the entire breast together with the lymph nodes.
  • Radiation therapy

    Radiation therapy is generally recommended by doctors after a stage 3 breast cancer surgery is performed to destroy the remaining cancer cells. Is so that the cancer cells do not return. This procedure may also be needed before breast reconstruction is complete.

  • Hormone therapy

    This therapy uses drugs that contain hormones, aiming to help inhibit the development of tumours and cancer cells by blocking hormone intake into tumours and cancer cells. For women who are menopausal, there is an option to remove the ovary so that it no longer produces hormones that support cancer cells.

  • Additional therapy

    Some types of further treatment can be done to help treat stage 3 breast cancer. Complementary medicine is intended for example cure for acupuncture, yoga, or massage. However, this therapy must be carried out while taking into account the medical standards given by the doctor.

Medical treatment is not necessarily the same for each patient. Because the doctor will provide treatment by the conditions of each patient, the procedure will then adjust to how well the body responds. Treatment as soon as possible is necessary to deal with while preventing further spread of cancer cells.