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Out For Blood When Pregnant Young


Out For Blood When Pregnant Young

Out For Blood When Pregnant Young - It is bleeding while pregnant is undoubtedly shocking. However, pregnant women (pregnant women) do not need to worry too much. According to research, about 20% of mothers experience bleeding early in pregnancy. However, it is essential to understand the difference between normal bleeding and those that need immediate medical attention.

Bleeding during the first three months of gestation (adolescent pregnancy) must be examined more closely. Two possibilities occur, first in the form of spots or drops of blood that appear on the underwear. Second, bleeding with more flow and requires sanitary napkins so as not to wet the underwear.

Causes and Actions That Can Be Done

A common cause of bleeding during pregnancy is the process of attaching a fertilised egg to the uterine wall, known as implantation bleeding. Appears as blood spots or mild bleeding for several hours or days, but not as long and as much as menstruation. Other causes are irritation due to friction during intercourse, infection, or hormonal changes.

They are bleeding while pregnant can also cause by other riskier factors, such as miscarriage, wine pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy. To find out the cause of bleeding, it is likely that the doctor will perform an ultrasound examination of the abdomen (abdomen) or transvaginal.

If pregnant women experience bleeding while pregnant, the initial treatment that can do is to rest with bedrest immediately. The next step that can do, namely:

  • Lie down and minimise time standing and walking. If necessary, ask permission not to enter work.
  • Avoid having sex during bleeding and never use a vaginal cleanser.
  • Use sanitary napkins to more easily calculate how much bleeding occurs. Avoid using tampons.
  • Pay attention to the colour of the line coming out, for example, pink, brownish red, bright red, and so on.
  • Beware of bleeding if it comes out more profusely like menstruation, fresh red, or accompanied by abdominal cramps. Also, it is also necessary to observe the bleeding that occurs continuously during adolescent pregnancy.

Beware of Emergency Conditions

Out For Blood When Pregnant Young - In addition to getting to know the initial treatment, pregnant women also have to recognise emergency conditions that must immediately get medical help. The most worrying situation is if there is heavy bleeding or bleeding accompanied by unbearable pain or cramps in the lower abdomen.

Also, bleeding accompanied by the release of tissue from the vagina must also be watched out. Any fabric that comes out during bleeding should not be discarded, possibly needed during a doctor's examination.

Pregnancy is recommended to immediately see a doctor or directly to the ER if bleeding is accompanied by dizziness to fainting, also if bleeding accompanied by cold, or vice versa, fever with temperatures exceeding 38 degrees Celsius.

Although generally healthy, bleeding during adolescent pregnancy must be addressed appropriately, to avoid things that are harmful to the mother and fetus. Do not delay consulting a doctor or asking for help to the nearest hospital if you have an emergency.