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Puberty Sign Be Teens


Puberty Sign Be Teens

Puberty Sign Be Teens - Puberty is a stage of development of a child becoming sexually mature. In women, puberty occurs in the age range of 10-14 years and men; puberty occurs in the age range of 12-16 years.

In puberty, both girls and boys will feel a change in their body. These body changes occur because of hormonal changes during puberty. In addition to teenagers, parents should also understand the signs of puberty.

Signs of Puberty in Women

In women, puberty causes various changes in the body, such as:
  • Breasts begin to grow

    When entering adolescence, the breasts of young women will start to develop. It generally occurs at the age of 8-13 years and starts from the area around the nipple. The possibility of one breast increasing earlier than the other breast so that its size can differ between left and right. This condition is still considered normal. Noteworthy is if the difference is very striking or there are lumps in the breast.

    To find out a normal breast condition, you can routinely do your breast examination (BSE). How to look and touch the breast, is there anything that is not fair. This step aims to detect severe conditions in the chest early, such as cysts or breast cancer.

  •     Hair and pubic hair growth

    The mass of pubic hair and underarm hair is healthy and does not need to be worried or embarrassed. The most critical thing is to always keep the body clean, especially in the vital organs area.

  •     Menstruation

    Women have eggs that will become fetuses if fertilised or meet sperm from men. Every month, the uterus makes a layer of blood and tissue as a place to attach the egg to be fed. However, if the egg not fertilises, it will eventually dissolve and get out of the vagina in the form of menstrual blood. The menstrual period generally lasts around 2-7 days. Change pads regularly every 4-8 hours to maintain the cleanliness of vital organs.

Recognising Puberty in Men

In male adolescents, puberty also brings changes to the body, such as:

  • Enlarged size of the testicles and penis

    There is no standard benchmark for when this change occurs in adolescent boys. Increased penis size can happen since the age of 9 years or older, although some 15-year-olds who have not yet experienced it. However, don't worry because these conditions are usually still normal.

    Everyone experiences different physical development, both the age of change and its size. Therefore, do not confuse penis size and compare with other people's penis size. 

    You are advised to check the condition of the penis and testicles regularly after bathing to find out their normal shape. Also to get out whether there is a lump or not on the testis. If there is a lump when touched, there is a change in the colour of the testicles or feels pain, do not be shy to examine it to the doctor.

  • Experience wet dreams

    During puberty, teenage boys will also experience wet dreams, namely ejaculation that occurs while sleeping. The wet dreams that you experience occur because of an increase in testosterone levels in the body. As we get older, the intensity of wet dreams will decrease.
  • Grow hair on the public and armpit area

    As well as in adolescent girls, adolescent boys will experience the growth of fine hairs around the genitals and armpits.
  • The Voice Becomes Larger

    Laryngeal enlargement, which is the organ where the vocal cords locate, will make the noise of the male adolescent sound more massive. This condition is often known as male voice rupture. Is normal because the body is adapting to the size of the larynx

    This burst sound will occur for several months, in the age range of 11-15 years. After that, the music will continue to develop to perfection and usually settles in the early 20s.

After entering puberty, young women can get pregnant during the fertile period, and adolescent boys can fertilise. During these times too, a teenager will experience an increase in sex hormones as a natural development of the body.

It is essential for teens and parents to recognise signs of puberty. Give proper sex education to children. Also, parents also need to help adolescents foster a sense of responsibility in making any decisions regarding their bodies, to avoid the danger of promiscuity.